Anastasia Parish

Anastasia S. Parish was born in 1982, in Leningrad, USSR. 1987-1993 studied in children's Studio of fine art at The State Hermitage. 1993-1997 fine-art school No. 16. From 1998-2001, is a member of the literary club «Daring». Illustrated books aspiring writers. The graduate (2000-2005) of historical faculty of Saint Petersburg State University. 2004 advanced training Publishing and Printing College. 2003 exhibition «View of the world» St. Petersburg. 2003 exhibition in the Center of modern literature, St. Petersburg. 2004 exhibition «November a second spring" in "Forum» Gallery, St. Petersburg. 2011 exhibition «Photo album» at private recitals. 2015 Exhibition in Freedom palace, St. Petersburg. Member «Latino Film Festival Poster competition 2015-2016», San Diego. Finalist «To Death with a smile 2015-2016», México. Winner «International Reggae Poster Contest 2016», Jamaica. Finalist Japan Illustrators' Association contest 2017.


Graphic and design


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